Monthly Wrap-up, Feb 2023

  • Is sitting here wondering where the hell February went
  • Launched a Meetup group for Denver Tech Social Club
  • We toured the Botanic Gardens and realized they don't want our money (lol), so now we're planning a simpler wedding, maybe just at a park with a bigger party after.
  • We spent more nights out watching Drag Race at various bars around the city with friends.
  • Learned that I shouldn't trust myself with taxes when they get a little complex. I went with H&R block and reduced what I owed during self-filing by over 50%.
  • Received very thoughtful and positive performance reviews for work!
  • We got our new couch, the one that I managed to goof the order on up last month, in a bit early, and it's wonderful.
  • Managed to punch through two books - the last book from the Cradle series and The Blacktongue Thief (which I loved, go read it!)
  • Finally picked a book to read that didn't involve goblins or spaceships and started it up: Engineering Management for the Rest of Us by Sarah Drasner.
  • Got super excited that Carnival Row season two came out, and then I quickly realized that many years between seasons makes it hard to get back into a show.  
  • Bumped my personal training up to three days a week, and I'm stoked to start focusing in on specific muscle groups. Come on buff Dan, I know you're in there somewhere.
  • On the last day in February, I wandered back into Destiny 2 since Lightfall launched. Looking forward to space adventures again!  
  • Started struggling a bit near the end of the month with the question of"where am I using my time?" and decided March is going to be a bit of a reset month like the one I took in August last year.

Favorite things this month:

  • Our new couch
  • Thoughtful conversations with Jana
  • Friends who invite you out to watch Drag Race at random bars
  • Working with people who genuinely respect and appreciate you, and whom you respect and appreciate in turn

Pics from the month

Photo of a livingroom with a couch
Our new couch in its proper glory! With the right arm direction!
Photo of a livingroom with a couch
Another angle of our new couch in its proper glory! With the right arm direction!
Screenshot of an iPhone home page with no icons or widgets in the main area
What my phone screen looks like right now as I start to reset it. I gotta admit the "void" is a little unsettling