Goodbye Markdown, hello Ghost (and Vercel)

Just a tiny update but I decided to move my blog from markdown to a CMS and ultimately landed on Ghost. I tried a few others, but Ghost felt the most straightforward and simple for my needs: just writing blogs. The interface is clean, and works well enough on my phone (so I can quickly capture blog ideas on mobile if I need to and stash them as drafts).

Using markdown was fun, in theory, but started to quickly show its limitations when I wanted to add images or other content. I know you can do that just fine with markdown - but the process of uploading and managing media via version control was just zero fun to me.

Oh, I also moved from Netlify to Vercel, not for any big reason - I was just curious how Vercel would work for me after being on Netlify for years. So far I'm happy with it.

Up next is getting Vercels OG image to work with my site.