Dan Hannigan

A simple meeting light ("on air") set up for WFH, using Philips Hue & Stream Deck

Here's a quick walkthrough of how I overengineered the work from home with other people problem of: "Are you in a meeting right now?" using a Stream Deck & Philips Hue.

Musing about something new...

Putting some thoughts out there into the world about burnout, how I don't actually like talking about development, and a potential new project of mine.

Goodbye Markdown, hello Ghost (and Vercel)

Just a tiny update but I decided to move my blog from markdown to a CMS and ultimately landed on Ghost.

The Maintenance of Anxiety

Since being diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder in January 2022, I've been on a path of reckoning and recalibration. Over time I've learned what my body & mind need and that if I neglect any of these areas, anxiety can start to rumble back up. Here's my maintenance schedule for anxiety...

Redesigning my website for 2022, inspired by... trains?

Much like the shoemakers' children, my website has received very little of the same attention and care that I give to my professional work. This year I wanted to return to my design roots and take a crack at making something for myself that I'd be proud of.

My month-long focus on digital decluttering

After spending most of 2022 dealing with generalized anxiety disorder, caused by many reasons: always being online, health, and well... *gestures broadly*; I decided to take a break from my community ( Denver Devs ) and Discord. That snowballed into disconnecting from a lot more.

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